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A flurry of forged Kings tickets are accumulating around the Staples Center

39682 full
39682 full

Scalpers with fake tickets will ice your dream of seeing Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals, say police, who are warning Kings fans to be careful about buying tickets off the street for Monday's game.

The LA Kings could capture their first Stanley Cup title if they emerge victorious in Game 6 over the New Jersey Devils. Authorities are concerned that the excitement may produce an increased flurry of forged tickets around the Staples Center. 

"People are pretty clever with Photoshop and the other computer things you can do now, and they’ll get a real ticket, or they’ll get a facsimile of a real ticket, and they’ll go ahead make a pretty good reproduction of it," LAPD Commander Andy Smith told KPCC's Ashley Bailey.

"We’ll have families come in, put down 400 dollars a ticket, to the tune of $2,000 in one case, and will try and get through the box office with the tickets and find out that they’re worthless," said Smith who took in six reports of fake tickets at last week's game. 

Undercover officers will be trying to buy the bogus tickets before the game and bust scalpers who are high-sticking it to the fans.

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