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Los Angeles' redistricting plan almost a done deal

Los Angeles Redistricting Map 2012

City of Los Angeles

New district lines were approved today by the Los Angeles City Council. A final vote is expected next week, and the new districts will take effect once Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa signs off on the plan.

New maps for the Los Angeles City Council’s 15 districts were approved today with a 12-2 vote, moving the city one step closer to new boundary lines and a potential lawsuit.

The proposal did not receive a unanimous vote and therefore will be back for a second vote in one week. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa will then be asked to sign off on the redistricting plan. 

Council members Jan Perry and Bernard Parks continued their opposition to the new lines by voting against the maps. Much of Perry’s Ninth District was taken away under the new plan, pushing her from the coveted downtown area into South Los Angeles. In the Eighth District, Parks lost USC.

Before this morning’s vote, Perry asked for a delay, suggesting the City Attorney’s Office may have changed some of the map lines based on comments from a city engineer. The Bureau of Engineering and City Attorney’s Office will report back next week on any statistical changes to the map.

In anticipation of litigation, the city council unanimously agreed to hire Remcho, Johansen & Purcell LLP to handle any lawsuits filed against the redistricting proposal. Representatives with the Korean American Coalition have repeatedly threatened to challenge the new maps in court. During the redistricting process, members of the Korean-American community were vocal about their desire to keep Koreatown in one district, and preferably in the Thirteenth District. Koreatown was kept whole – in the Tenth District.

The city will pay the law firm $10,000 to prepare for a potential lawsuit, said Peter Echeverria with the City Attorney’s Office.

New maps for the Los Angeles Unified School District were unanimously approved without discussion. 

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