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20-year-old member of hacking group LulzSec indicted in Los Angeles

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Another one bites the dust — Ryan Cleary, an English 20-year-old, was indicted Wednesday for his role in a whole slew of cyberattacks by the Anonymous hacking group offshoot LulzSec. Cleary was a teenager when he was arrested last year, on the same day he'd hacked into Britain's Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA).

He's been charged with one count of conspiracy and two counts for attacking protected computers, including coordinated attacks on the websites of SOCA and PBS. LulzSec hackers made news with their PBS hacking by posting a story claiming that rapper Tupac Shakur was alive and well and living in New Zealand.

According to the FBI indictment, Cleary controlled a network of compromised computers that numbered in the "tens of thousands, and potentially hundreds of thousands." The network of computers under his control, most likely without their owners' knowledge, was then used to conduct multiple distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks on a rainbow of organizations. That's when computers attack by overwhelming their victim's servers by sending requests from numerous computers.

"But it's not just the DDoS," points out Laura Eimiller with the FBI. "Some were DDoS, some are hacking and publishing confidential information. They're different attacks but they're all alleged to have been done by this one group."

Cleary Indictment

The court is also alleging Cleary rented out his network to other hackers for cash and encouraged a LulzSec colleague plagued by law enforcement to point the finger at an innocent party.

LulzSec is believed to be behind attacks on the CIA, the U.S. Senate, Fox, Sony and at least one popular porn site.

They are, reportedly, in it for the lulz.

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