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Long Beach Police say they've busted up one of the area's worst gangs

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Long Beach Police say the Baby Insane Crips go back to the 1990's and have been active in a series of shootings, robberies, burglaries, and at least one murder in the past few years. On Wednesday, police announced they'd arrested 16 alleged members of the gang.

The investigation started in November 2009, when Frank Castro was shot and killed on the 1600 block of Santa Fe Ave. in Long Beach's Lower Westside. Sgt. Aaron Eaton says detectives initially had little to go on, just a "limited suspect description." Using ballistics, they were able to link the murder to a series of shootings in the area, eventually leading them to their primary suspect in the case, Johnney Smith, who has now been arrested on murder charges. 

Among the arrestees, Sabrille Acklin also stands out as the alleged leader of the group, who police say ordered his minions to shoot, rob, and steal from his Rialto home.

The project was a big one for police, spanning several years and requiring deep investigative work. "As a former detective, I can say, yeah, it's satisfying," Eaton said of finally announcing arrests.

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