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Police release 911 tape from Rodney King death

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Rialto Police have released a tape of the 911 call Cynthia Kelley placed after her fiance, Rodney King apparently fell into his backyard pool and drowned. 

"Hurry up, please, oh my god, he's at the bottom of the pool," Kelley says repeatedly on the tape, as the dispatcher assures her help is on the way. 

"Are you able to get in the pool and help him?" the dispatcher asks.

Kelley, sobbing, says, "no, I can't swim." Kelley also tells the dispatcher she was asleep when she heard a splash, and then came out to the pool, finding King in it. 

Rialto Police Capt. Randy De Anda told KPCC that first responders performed CPR, but were unable to revive him, and King was later declared dead at a hospital.

At the time, neighbors wondered why they didn't hear screaming from the house, which is usually quiet. 

Findings from King's autopsy are not expected for weeks, as medical examiners await toxicology test results. 

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