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Man's body found at scene of early morning brushfire

 8300 W La Tuna Caynon Rd  brushfire

Screenshot via Google Maps

Brushfire location near 8300 W La Tuna Caynon Rd in Sunland, CA.

A body was found at the scene of a brushfire in the San Fernando Valley near the entrance of the West trail of Santa Monica Conservatory Park, according to LAFD spokesman Erik Scott.

Los Angeles Fire Department responders recieved a call at 8300 W La Tuna Caynon Rd just before 3 a.m. Thursday, and the small 20' x 20' Sunland brushfire was quickly extinguished by LAFD personnel.

Arson and homicide investigators arrived at the scene after a man's body was discovered. Officials will try to determine the cause of the fire, and how the body arrived at the location.

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