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Bryan Stow beating suspects plead not guilty to mayhem, assault, and battery

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Marvin Norwood and Louie Sanchez pled not guilty to mayhem, assault, and battery in the beating of Bryan Stow on opening day at Dodger Stadium in 2011. Sanchez, who prosecutors say was the primary agressor in the incident, and who has a prior conviction, faces 11 years in prison if found guilty. Norwood faces 9. 

Sanchez is accused of delivering the blow that seemingly knocked Stow unconscious. The preliminary hearing, which featured six days of witness testimony, was a preview of the trial to come. Multiple witnesses described a "crack" as Stow hit the ground, head first, hands at his sides. Witnesses also said a man, who prosecutors said was Sanchez, kicked Stow in the head after he fell. Norwood, who is engaged to Sanchez's sister, Dorene, is accused of aiding and abetting Sanchez, and possibly kicking Stow in the ribs after he fell.

Dorene Sanchez also testified during the preliminary hearing. She attended the game with Nowrood and Sanchez and Sanchez's son. She also drove the alleged "get-away" car home from the game. Sanchez testified that she knew little of what happened that night. On a jailhouse phone call played in court, Norwood told his fiance that he was involved in a fight on opening day, but that he didn't recognize Stow as one of the men involved.

The trial could be lengthy. Gilbert Quiñones, who represented Sanchez during the preliminary hearing, will be replaced with a public defender. Quiñones predicted that the trial could last a month and might include testimony from more witnesses and medical experts. 

Meanwhile Stow's family has filed a lawsuit against Dodgers owner Frank McCourt and 13 team entities, seeking $50 million to cover Stow's medical costs.

Norwood and Sanchez are due back in court July 24 for pretrial hearings. 

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