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Public Safety approves attorney to LAPD's Police Commission

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When a longtime attorney returns as a member of the Los Angeles Police Commission, one of her focuses will be on improving risk management and accountability, she said today.  

The Public Safety Committee unanimously confirmed Andrea Ordin’s appointment to the civilian oversight panel. Her nomination was forwarded to the Los Angeles City Council. 

During her confirmation hearing, Ordin was questioned by Councilman Mitch Englander about the city’s ability to hold employees responsible for things like traffic collisions. Ordin agreed risk management is an ongoing issue.  

“There’s two sides to the risk management issue,” she said. “One is for the leadership to provide the tools to the officers or to the sanitation workers or whatever employee to be able to do his or her job with skill and care.  That has to be done all the time – it’s not just one training.

Ordin previously served on the Board of Police Commissioners from 2005 to 2010. Earlier this year, she left her post as County Counsel for Los Angeles County. If approved by the city council, Ordin would replace Alan Skobin, who now sits on the Board of Fire Commissioners. 

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