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Sheriff's deputy sentenced in drug burrito jailhouse sting

Henry Marin on the the Fox reality show 'The Academy.'
Henry Marin on the the Fox reality show 'The Academy.' Screenshot of 'The Academy' via Hulu

Henry Marin, a former Los Angeles County sheriff's deputy, was sentenced Monday to two years in jail for trying to smuggle heroin into jail in a burrito. The heroin was apparently destined for a Mexican Mafia associate behind bars.

Marin was caught through a sting operation by the sheriff's department, targeting corrupt deputies — reportedly in response to a string of incidents involving deputies selling or transporting drugs behind bars, where they're worth up to 10 times their street value

This particular case caught a lot of media attention partially because Marin was featured on a reality show about sheriff's department recruits. On the 2007 show, "The Academy," Marin is shown failing out of his class. Apparently, he was allowed to reenroll at the academy later and eventually graduated.

Marin accepted a plea deal from prosecutors. He had originally said he didn't know the burrito contained drugs.

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