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Management reshuffled at Los Angeles County Assessor's Office (updated)

Santos H. Kreimann

Los Angeles County

In Assessor John Noguez's absence, Santos H. Kreimann is moving around deputies who are under investigation by the District Attorney's Office.

Two high-level managers in the Los Angeles County Assessor's Office were reassigned as part of a house cleaning effort by the office's new interim director, it was reported today. 

Santos Kreimann is running the show while Assessor John Noguez is on leaving pending the outcome of the district attorney's investigation into allegations of misconduct. The D.A.'s Office is looking into complaints that Noguez's campaign contributors were given breaks on the assessed value of their land. Those breaks would have resulted in lower taxes for the property owners. 

Earlier this year, the workspaces of both Mark McNeil and Andrew Stephens were searched by investigators with the District Attorney's Office. McNeil and Stephens were then moved from the downtown office to the West District office and East District office, respectively. The LA Weekly reported today that the two men have now been reassigned. 

McNeil had donated $5,500 to Noguez before being promoted to chief appraiser of major real properties, according to the LA Weekly. Stephens donated $7,000 to Noguez's campaigns. 

"In light of the D.A.’s investigation, the search warrants and the arrest of a former Los Angeles County deputy assessor, the board’s appointment of an interim director was the first step begin the process of restoring the public’s confidence and trust in the office. It is his responsibility to manage daily operations and functions," said Tony Bell, a spokesman for Supervisor Mike Antonovich. 

There was no immediate comment on the personnel moves from the Assessor's Office.

This post has been updated.

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