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3 charged with attempted murder for beating a pregnant woman

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An ex-Marine from San Pedro was charged Wednesday with the attempted murder of his 23-year old pregnant wife. The L.A. County District Attorney has also charged two other people involved in the severe beating that happened two weekends ago.

At first, Los Angeles police believed this was a random assault in Canoga Park at 12:40 a.m. on June 16th. But after some investigation, detectives from the LAPD’s Devonshire Division suspected that the pregnant woman’s husband, Brian Corder, his friend Stephon Crtuchfield and a woman with whom he was having an affair, 19-year-old Fredericka Carmouche, physically beat the woman in an apparent attempt to kill her.

“Our investigation revealed that is was a staged incident,” said detective Chris Casey.

Casey said the three suspects beat the four-month pregnant woman so badly she appeared nearly dead when paramedics arrived. He wouldn’t say what weapons were used or comment on a possible motive. Police said Corder, 26, and the victim had been married for a few years.

The pregnant woman is now in stable condition and her unborn child didn’t suffer any serious injuries during the assault. She is under protective custody.

The three suspects are being held on $1 million bail each.

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