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Los Angeles increases penalties on parking tickets

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The fine for parking at an expired meter will increase to $63, while street cleaning tickets will jump to $73 under a plan approved by the Los Angeles City Council.

All parking fines in the city of Los Angeles will increase at least $5 under a proposal approved today by the Los Angeles City Council, bringing the penalty for an expired parking meter to $63.

Angelenos who forget to move their cars for street cleaning will see tickets increase to $73. Illegally parking in a permit-only spot overnight will now cost $68, while a car left in an anti-gridlock zone during rush hour will leave its driver with a $163 tab.

Parking fines generated $134 million for the city of Los Angeles last year, with about one-third of those fees coming from street-cleaning tickets. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa had proposed increasing that $68 fine by $10, but the plan received pushback from city council members who said the fine disproportionately impacted low-income neighborhoods that lack off-street parking.

As a compromise, all fines will increase, with fees related to parking for the disabled jumping $10. Obstructing a handicap parking spot or misusing a disabled-parking placard will cost $363.

The fines even apply to some relatively obscure parking violations. Parking on a bridge or in a tunnel will cost $68, while leaving a car in a snow removal zone will result in a $63 ticket. Parking in a bus zone will now come with a $293 penalty. 

The fines were assumed in the city’s $7.2 billion budget for fiscal year 2012-13, which started July 1. The Los Angeles City Council gave final approval to the fees without discussion in a 12-0 vote. 

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