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Wildfire that prompted evacuation below Crestline 70 percent contained

A view from Highway 18 in the San Bernardino Mountains.
A view from Highway 18 in the San Bernardino Mountains.
tracie7779/Flickr Creative Commons

Officials say a wildfire that spread over 75 acres in the San Bernardino Mountains above the city of San Bernardino below Crestline is now 70 percent contained. But four firefighters who took it on were sent to the hospital with dehydration amid triple-digit temperatures, and there were some voluntary evacuations.

John Miller, a spokesman for San Bernardino National Forest, says officials hope to have the fire fully contained by Tuesday.

“Obviously, there’s a black scar on the side of the hill. To the general public, they’ll see the black spot and they’ll just assume, OK, the fire’s completely out and actually there’s still a lot of heat in there," he said. "And that’s the one thing the firefighters on the ground have to get out and find out where the hot spots are and abate that whether cutting some of the material or putting water on it because if you do get a strong wind, that very easily has the ability to pick those embers up and blow them from the fire area – the black area – into the unburned green area.”

The fire erupted shortly before 2 p.m. Monday along Highway 18 in Waterman Canyon, where residents were asked to leave voluntarily for several hours before the request was canceled.

Forest Service, state and local agency firefighters responded initially with 20 engines, and six crews of 260 firefighters. That's now been reduced to about 100.

Temperatures are topping 100 degrees and humidity levels are low in the inland region east of L.A.