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Recount for Prop 29 tobacco tax requested: Tax supporters target parts of LA County

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Tobacco tax supporters want a recount of ballots in parts of L.A. County to see if California's barely-defeated Proposition 29 might swing the other way. Unofficial ballot results shows the $1-per-pack cancer research initiative lost in June by less than 30,000 votes out of more than 5 million cast statewide.

The Sacramento Bee says San Francisco surgeon John Maa, a member of the American Heart Association, requested a recount on Monday. He asked the California secretary of state's office to recount 190 voter precincts in Sherman Oaks and North Hollywood. Those precincts accounted for about 48,000 votes cast on June 5. L.A. registrar Dean Logan says the recount begins on Monday with an electronic tally before a manual count at midweek.

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