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San Fernando city councilwoman charged with vandalism, battery

Maribel de la Torre

Alice Walton/KPCC

San Fernando City Councilwoman Maribel de la Torre was charged with vandalism and battery today following a June fight with her boyfriend and former city Councilman Mario Hernandez.

A San Fernando city councilwoman was charged with two misdemeanors today in connection with a June fight she had with her boyfriend – a former city councilman.

Maribel de la Torre was charged with one count of battery and one count of vandalism under $400, according to the District Attorney’s Office. She could be arraigned as soon as Monday.

There was no immediate comment from de la Torre.

The relationship between de la Torre and a married Mario Hernandez was made public last year by Hernandez, who was then San Fernando’s mayor. According to a police report and two restraining orders, de la Torre and Hernandez got into a physical fight June 28.

Hernandez told police that de la Torre stormed into his home, ransacked a bedroom, smashed a glass picture frame on the floor, and destroyed a laptop computer. She then began to choke Hernandez and said, “If I could kill you right now I would,” according to the police report.

de la Torre, however, said she was the one abused on that day. Hernandez allegedly slammed her into a door, pinned her to a bed, and knocked her onto the ground with so much force that she lost consciousness, according to a restraining order de la Torre filed against Hernandez.

Hernandez also filed a restraining order against de la Torre.

Earlier this week, Hernandez resigned from office, saying he wanted the city to begin to heal from the consequences of the politicians’ behavior. Hernandez, de la Torre and the city’s mayor, Brenda Esqueda, are the subjects of a pending recall election. The remaining members of the five-member council have called for de la Torre and Esqueda to resign.

The next meeting of the San Fernando City Council is scheduled for Monday. 

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