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Occupy LA protesters spend night in downtown LA to support whistleblower 'hero'

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About two dozen Occupy L.A. protesters are saying they'll spend the weekend at downtown L.A.'s Fletcher Bowron Square, just a few blocks from their former outpost at City Hall. Some of them spent the night there Friday. They say they'll be there for the weekend to stand up on behalf of Private Bradley Manning, the U.S. soldier who is accused of leaking sensitive information on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to the website Wikileaks.

Protester Patrick Serrano said camping out overnight brought back memories.

"I didn't know how the night would go last night," he said. "It felt like a reunion, because we were so close back to city hall. A lot of familiar faces. A lot of people who were evicted [from the city hall grounds] planned this event. It just goes to show that nothing has changed," he said. 

Protesters say they'll hold a candlelight vigil each night for those who've died in the wars. Police say they hope they expect the event will be peaceful, but they'll be on hand to enforce the law if need be. LAPD Sgt. Larry Guillen says that means asking protesters to leave the park once it closes on Saturday night.

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