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Fire Commission president to media: Don’t call me, maybe

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Reporters, if you're looking to chat up the president of the Los Angeles Fire Commission -- don't. She is not interested. 

The point was made clear this morning by Genethia Hudley-Hayes when the commission was briefed on a press release that will be sent out later today. The release is about a task force that was established to look at the Los Angeles Fire Department's ongoing data issues. 

“I am getting calls every other day from the media. I need for that to stop," Hudley-Hayes said. 

The commission president told Battalion Chief Armando Hogan she wants the press release to include a note to media outlets that questions should be directed to the Community Liaison Office. 

"I don’t have an issue if appropriately there’s something that I need to say to the press, but I am telling you that I do not want these people to continue to call me every other day. Somebody called me last night at 8 o’clock and I just find that to be – that’s disturbing to me and it’s stressful for me and my family.”

After listening to her concerns, Hogan told the commission president, "Yes ma'am, that will be thoroughly addressed."

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