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New alias for person of interest in homeless stabbings

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Police are looking for a man for questioning regarding a rash of stabbings of homeless people across L.A. Originally identified as David Ben Keyes, police now say the man also goes by the name Courtney Anthony Robinson. To their best knowledge, police say Robinson is from Santa Barbara and may be homeless himself. 

The name "David Ben Keyes" was found on "death warrants" police found at all three crime scenes, along with typed "ramblings," according to police.

The victims, all middle-aged and homeless, sustained non-life-threatening injuries. Each was stabbed in the back while sleeping outdoors during the early morning hours. The first stabbing occurred July 3 on Skid Row. The second July 17 in Santa Monica, and the third July 19 in Hollywood. 

LAPD Commander Andrew Smith said those are the victims police know about, though there may be others. "Sometimes folks in our homeless community don't report crimes that happen to them," he said. "They're either scared, or maybe don't want to."

Police are warning homeless to try to find room in shelters at night, or else, to stick together. All three victims were along when they were attacked.

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