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Police question man about 'death warrant' stabbings (updated)


Courtney Anthony Robinson is considered to be a person of interest in the case of three homeless people who were stabbed as they slept.

Los Angeles police have arrested and booked a man they say is the suspect in a series of stabbings of homeless people this month in the Los Angeles and Santa Monica areas. Typed "death warrants" were left behind with each of the three victims.

Courtney Anthony Robinson was arrested this weekend for attempted murder and is being held on $500,000 bail. Police spotted the man Friday night in Hollywood and detained him for questioning.

Two men and a woman, all homeless people, were stabbed in the back as they slept alone during the early morning hours. The first stabbing occured July 3 in downtown LA’s Skid Row. The second was in Santa Monica and the last one was in Hollywood on Thursday. All three victims survived the attacks.

After interviewing Robinson Friday night, detectives believe he also stabbed two more people in the Santa Barbara area. They say it appears he targeted the victims for specific reasons but had no relation to them.

Police initially believed Robinson's name could have been David Ben Keyes. That was the pen name used to sign each of the typed “death warrants” that were found with three of the victims. Friday afternoon, LAPD released an updated picture of Robinson with new information about his real name.

Police had warned homeless people of the stabbbings and advised them to sleep indoors or with a group of people.

This story has been updated.

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