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Dozens crash Obama fundraiser to protest pot shop crackdown

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Protesters angry about medical marijuana dispensaries shutdowns in California are rallying as President Barack Obama and former Gov. Mitt Romney are making the rounds to raise money for their election campaigns.

Romney was in Orange County on Monday for a fundraiser in Irvine and he spoke with small business owners in Costa Mesa. Obama was in the San Francisco Bay Area Monday night, attending a fundraiser at the Fox Theater in Oakland.

Courtney Tascoe-Burris stopped by the event to support the president, but said she also wanted to press him on a key issue for many living in the state.

"I love you Obama, but why the crackdown on the medical marijuana dispensaries? That’s it. That’s my question," she said.

Dozens of protesters gathered outside Obama’s fundraiser, calling on him to freeze a federal crackdown on medical marijuana dispensaries in California.

The future of pot shops also drew patients and advocates Monday to Los Angeles City Hall. The City Council is considering a proposal Tuesday to shut them all down

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