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The final days of LA's medical marijuana clinics?

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It could be the final days for medical marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles, with Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa expected to sign the Los Angeles City Council's ordinance to shut down the clinics. 

The mayor has 10 days to sign off on the law. 

"The mayor has long supported a limit on dispensaries while preserving access for those with a verifiable medical need as prescribed by state law," according to a statement from Villaraigosa's office. 

Under the city council's plan, patients may grow their own medical cannabis in collectives no larger than three people. Primary care givers may continue to distribute the drug, as well. The City Attorney's Office believes there are currently 800 to 1,000 pot shops in Los Angeles. 

Americans for Safe Access, which supports the nonprofit shops that distribute medical marijuana, has called for a referendum to overturn the law. 

"This is an outrage that the city council would think a reasonable solution to the distribution of medical marijuana would be to simply outlaw it altogether," said Don Duncan, California Director with Americans for Safe Access. "The tens of thousands of patients harmed by this vote will not take it sitting down. We will campaign forcefully to overturn this poor decision by the council."

The ban will take effect 30 days after Villaraigosa signs the ordinance.

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