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Ex-Bell police chief chimes in with a lawsuit, suing for severance pay

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Randy Adams, ex-Bell police chief, is suing the city claiming he wasn't paid severance after being forced from his job amid a storied corruption scandal

A lawsuit filed Monday in Los Angeles states that Adams -- a former assistant police chief in Ventura, and chief in Simi Valley and Glendale -- was told by a city attorney that the City Council decided in closed session to announce that he had resigned, and to not pay him severance.

Adams, not one of the eight former officials awaiting trial, says that when he denied that he'd resigned, he was defamed by an ex-official who told the media he was making a towering salary of $770,000. His actual annual pay was estimated to be $450,000.

The former chief also says the locks on his office were changed, preventing him from retrieving his personal belongings for nearly five months.

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