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Stowaway kitten from Shanghai poses for new pics

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The stowaway kitten who survived a two-week ocean voyage from Shanghai, China inside a freight container, is hanging in there, say officials.

Making eyes at the media on Wednesday, the tiny Ni Hao – meaning "hello" in Mandarin – showed off his 3.3 lbs physique. The orange and white Domestic Shorthair Mix was found inside a container on July 11 at a business in Compton.

Evelina Villa with the County of Los Angeles Department of Animal Care and Control told KPCC, "it’s incredible that Ni Hao survived for such a long time" without food or water.

"When Ni Hao came into our care, he was dehydrated, extremely weak, and was unable to open his eyes. When he came to us, he was just under 2 lbs and now, he is gaining weight, has a GREAT appetite, and we’ve even started to feel palpable muscle mass. And, his eyes are open.  He’s making great progress! His prognosis looks great!," she said in an email.

In quarantine by the Health Department for about 45 more days, Ni Hao – estimated to be about three or four months old – is being keeping isolated, comfortable, and flea-free by DACC's medical staff at the Carson Animal Care Center. 

The kitten is receiving vaccines, almost daily check ups and plenty of food and rest. Villa says they're preparing Ni Hao to be placed in a foster home to fully recover while a permanant home is selected from a lengthy list of potential adopters. 

All of the animals that come into the Department's care "come to us with a back story," she stresses. "Ni Hao was fortunate enough to have his story highly publicized. We’d like to encourage people to visit their local animal care center and consider adopting an animal." 

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