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LAPD serves warrants on San Fernando Valley pot shop, arrests owner

Los Angeles' dispensary ban takes effect August 31.
Los Angeles' dispensary ban takes effect August 31.
Photo by Alexodus via Flickr Creative Commons

The very same day L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa signed the city's new medical marijuana dispensary ban into law, LAPD officers arrested the owner of a San Fernando Valley pot shop.

The two events were apparently unrelated: detectives had apparently been investigating West Valley Caregivers for some time, and allege the dispensary was operating not as a caregiver, but outside of California's law allowing medicinal sales of the drug. 

However, raids may become commonplace very soon. L.A.'s ban goes into effect on August 31. 

LAPD Commander Andrew Smith couldn't provide details, but said the department is working out the details of how the law will be enforced.

"When we do it, we certainly won’t talk about it beforehand," Smith said. "People will have been given warnings. Everyone will know they’re acting outside the boundaries of the law and then we’ll shut them down."

As for yesterday's search of the dispensary and an apparently associated residence, police say they found $10,000 in cash, 50 pounds of marijuana, and a pound of hashish.