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Can we keep it? Woman finds frolicking pony in South L.A.

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The L.A. Times reports that a South Los Angeles resident fearlessly fenced in a frolicking pony she found in front of her home Friday morning. Perhaps misled by the name of the neighborhood, the pony journeyed to Green Meadows, an area near the 105 Freeway no longer known for being particularly verdant.

At about 5:45 a.m. police were called to the woman's residence in the 900 block of East 116th street after she'd collared the small brown and white horse and secured it in her yard. Shortly after officers arrived, a man looking for the animal also appeared. 

LAPD Sgt. Val Valenti told the Times the unharmed mini equine had apparantly made a break from a nearby birthday party where it had been a "special guest." Police occasionally get calls of this nature, said Valenti, but noted it was "unusual" to find a horse there. "Those things will run and, if they’re spooked, they’ll keep running," he told the newspaper.

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