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Live long, and may the Dodgers prosper: Star Trek Night at Dodger Stadium

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The Los Angeles Dodgers are celebrating Star Trek Night for the first time Friday night, following up on several years of success with Star Wars Night.

Dodgers/Star Trek fan Pete Szilagyi says he's going to see geeks and sports come together in an unholy matrimony. "I'm curious to see what it's going to look like seeing Klingons cheering on a double play." Szilagyi's passionate about both sports and geek culture, so he's excited to see other fans who embrace both worlds. He's also taking sides: Star Trek over Star Wars, all the way.

What's Pete's geek cred? He grew up loving "Star Trek: The Next Generation" and even read the spinoff novelizations, and now he's watching both the original series and the Next Generation on Blu-Ray.

Star Trek Night is following in the fan-driven footsteps of Star Wars Night: The Star Trek fan packages are all sold out.

Captain Kirk himself William Shatner is scheduled to throw out the first pitch; will he pass the celeb pitching test of being able to get the ball over the plate? That could prove a challenge for the 81-year-old space captain, but he'll give it his best. Shatner's also going to be on hand for pre-game festivities.

"I grew up worshipping the Shat and idolizing Captain Kirk. Even though I've met the man numerous times," Szilagyi says, "I still can never have enough Shatner in my life. He's like my grandfather."

They'll have the traditional Friday night fireworks show at Dodger Stadium — set to "Star Trek" music.

There's also swag for the fans in attendance, including limited edition Star Trek meets Dodgers T-shirts to help preserve the memory of this night. While not everyone may score one of the limited edition shirts, fans are also being encouraged to show up in their favorite Trekkie costumes. (I'm a Geordi La Forge man myself — visor all the way.) Going to the game but not getting a shirt? They'll also have Star Trek-themed Dodger jerseys for sale.

The Dodgers take on the Chicago Cubs at 7:10 p.m. tonight; are the Cubs prepared for rabid Dodger/Star Trek crossover fans? No word yet on whether the Dodgers will show more strength than the stereotypical pre-geek chic Star Trek nerd and knock it out of the park.

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