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LA approves restrictions on skateboarders

Nick Sherman/Flickr

The Los Angeles City Council approved new regulations intended to stop skateboard "bombing."

Skateboarders will be prohibited from riding recklessly in the City of Los Angeles under an ordinance unanimously approved today. 

The proposal from Councilman Joe Buscaino is intended to stop skateboard “bombing,” which is the practice of riding down steep hills at high speeds. In the past year, two teenage boys in San Pedro died from injuries they sustained while bombing.

“Many times they reach speeds as high as 40 miles an hour," Buscaino said. "Oftentimes, they don't wear helmets or protective gear as they weave in and out of traffic.

“I'm not here to ban skateboarding. The last thing I want to do is bury another kid from reckless skateboarding.''

Under the ordinance, skateboarders must obey all traffic signs and speed limits. Riders must yield to motorists. Skateboarders are prohibited from crossing uncontrolled intersections at speeds greater than 10 mph.

Riders are also banned from hanging onto a car while they skateboard. Councilman Bernard Parks asked city officials to look into banning skateboarders from hanging onto bicycles, as well.

Violators could face an infraction and $250 fine per violation, according to Buscaino's office.

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