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Police make arrests hours before start of ArtWalk/ChalkWalk [Updated]

Rina Palta / KPCC

Occupiers from Oakland drew a chalk mural Thursday morning, which remains on the Northeast corner of Pershing Square.

Police have already made several arrests even as attention focuses on Pershing Square and the rumored busload of Occupy Oakland members who have arrived in town for ChalkWalk, which will take place during Thursday night's Downtown ArtWalk despite warnings from LA police.

Arrests were made Thursday in Pershing Square, though none have to do with chalk.

A group of three Occupiers from Oakland was detained after police were called to the area because security reported chalking.

Two were released and one was arrested on an outstanding warrant.

Later in the day, another Occupier was arrested, this time from the L.A. contingent. The L.A. man allegedly punched an Occupy member from Oakland in the face during an argument. The L.A. man was arrested and taken into custody.

It's not clear what the argument was about, but there appeared to be friction between the two groups all day.

As of now, there is chalk on the ground: a mural in the Northeast corner of Pershing Square, drawn by a group from Oakland who meticulously planned the chalking with a grid system.

[UPDATE 9:18 p.m.] The LAPD have decided not to arrest anyone else for chalking. The OccupyLA protesters have kept their word and have not marched down to Art Walk. Meanwhile Commander Smith of LAPD says he is very happy with how things are going. No issues so far.

[UPDATE 10:40 p.m.] Pershing Square closed ten minutes ago, as planned. No arrests have been reported so far. 


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