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No sweat? Show us how photos of how you're surviving #heatwaveLA

egg fry sidewalk

John Rabe

KPCC's John Rabe tries to fry an egg on the asphalt in Northridge where temperatures topped 100 degrees. You can hear if it worked this weekend on Off-Ramp.

With this weekend promising to be the one of the hottest of the year, the revenge of summer will see temperatures dripping into triple digits in some parts of the region. KPCC wants to see what you're seeing and doing as you try to beat the heat. 

Use your phone and start capturing images that show us how. hot. it. is. out. there. We'll be posting your pics on, Instagram, and may even announce your photo on the radio.

Here's how to send us your Instagram images:

Here's how to send us your Twitter images:

That's it. We'll find them from there. If you don't use Instagram or Twitter, e-mail your photos to, and then check back on the site and Instagram to peek on your perspiration filled works of art. How hot is it? Show us.

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