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Clerk arrested for allegedly leaking confidential, sealed federal files

FBI insignia

An FBI undercover officer allegedly bought sealed documents from the court clerk's husband.

Nune Gevorkyan was caught in a sting for allegedly leaking files. According to the FBI, an undercover agent approached Gevorkyan's husband, Oganes Koshkaryan, about purchasing information from confidential, sealed federal files. Koshkaryan later returned with information on pending arrest warrants.

Upon further checks, agents found that Gevorkyan had accessed the files soon after the undecover agent approached her husband.

The sting came about following a massive raid on an Armenian Power gang where at least 70 people were arrested, mostly on charges like kidnapping, racketeering, illegal gambling and bank fraud, according to the FBI's affidavit

One of the defendants, cooperating with authorities, said he or she had been warned of the raid in advance, which is why he or she was in hiding when the FBI raided. (The defendant later surrendered to authorities.) The defendant pinpointed Koshkaryan as the source of the information.

After an investigation that included surveillance of the couple's Hollywood home, the FBI sent in an undercover officer in June of this year, who approached Koshkaryan and allegedly purchased sealed federal files from him.

Gevorkyan and Koshkaryan have been charged with obstruction of justice and, if found guilty, face a maximum of 20 years in federal prison.

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