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Phyllis Diller, groundbreaking comedienne, dead at 95 (slideshow/video)

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Phyllis Diller, the legendary humorist credited with cackling the path for many female comics, died at her Brentwood home in Los Angeles on Monday. She was 95.

"It is a great loss today," her agent Fred Wostbrock told NBC LA

"She was a true pioneer and the first lady of standup. She paved the way for Chelsea Handler, Roseanne Barr, Joan Rivers and Ellen DeGeneres. She was the best. The first female standup to play Vegas. She was on Broadway, she made movies, she did it all." 

Often the aim of her own jokes, the comedienne was known for her self-deprecating candidness in live, television, and film appearances, and for her signature, unmistakable laugh. A friend to Muppets and frequent game show guest, the housewife-turned comedian had a career spanning nearly 50 years.

Making her network television debut as a contestant on the Groucho Marx game show, "You Bet Your Life," the mother of five steadily built her stand-up comedy persona as the corner-cutting wife of "Fang," a husband that is never seen and wasn't real. Through two actual marriages, "Fang" remained.

"Fang is permanent in the act, of course," she once said. "Don't confuse him with my real husbands. They're temporary."

Diller, who didn't get into comedy until she was nearly 40, credited the self-help book, "The Magic of Believing" by Claude M. Bristol, with giving her the courage to enter the business. Over the years, she would recommend it to, and sometimes by it for, aspiring entertainers. 

On KPCC’s Patt Morrison program, Paula Poundstone praised Diller’s method and moxie:

"I remember one night watching. I don’t even remember where we were, but, you know, a big crowd, and she started out, and they just weren’t buying it; she was getting nowhere. And she just kept going. She would tell the next joke, and the next joke, and it was so funny; it was table-pounding funny. And I watched that, and not only did I enjoy that as an audience member, but really learned so much from how she did what she did."

Diller retired from standup comedy in 2002, several years after suffering a heart attack.  Her manager says she died peacefully in her sleep. 


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