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Son of Pepperdine president arrested on campus for allegedly threatening parents

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The son of Pepperdine University’s president remains in jail after Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies hauled him away from the private campus in Malibu Thursday.

Christopher Benton, 27, was arrested at the campus administration building around 11 a.m. for allegedly threatening his parents and supposedly carrying a gun.

Deputies say they found a gun they believe Christopher Benton tossed on a hill at the campus before they arrested him Thursday morning. Authorities say he also had stashed ammunition in his car.

Pepperdine University president Anderw K. Benton and his family live in the Broch House on campus. It's unknown whether Christopher Benton had been living there, too.

Classes don’t begin until Monday, but the university campus was lively with students moving in during orientation. The school did not immediately issue an emergency alert notice about the arrest because Benton was not an active shooter, said Pepperdine University officials.

Officials did send a campus-wide e-mail notifying people about the arrest three hours after it happened.

In a written statement to the student newspaper, Pepperdine president Andrew Benton said his son has "made a number of harmful decisions, especially those emerging from experience with drugs and poor choices in friends."

Authorities say they believe Christopher Benton is the last person seen with a woman who died of a heroin overdose in April.

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