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Edison prepares to pull radioactive fuel from San Onofre

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After months of mushrooming safety concerns and no timetable for a possible restart, plant operator Southern California Edison is preparing to pull radioactive fuel from one of the San Onofre Nuclear Plant reactors.

The Associated Press reports that the radioactive fuel in San Onfre's Unit 3 reactor will be moved into storage in mid-September, according to Nuclear Regulatory Commission senior inspector Gregory Warnick.

Edison says it will focus on repairing the less-damaged Unit 2 reactor.

The plant, located between Los Angeles and San Diego has been shut down since January, after a tube carrying radioactive water broke, causing a leak of radioactive steam. Widespread damage to tubing in both reactors was discovered during the course of the investigation.

Last week, Edison announced plans to cut 730 employees at the facility. The layoffs come after two years of analyzing staffing at similar nuclear power plants. The staff reductions are expected to start in the next month, leaving 1,500 employees at the plant.


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