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Seventeen arrested in early morning drug bust

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Federal law enforcement officials swept a dozen locations in the Southland today to crack alleged loose-knit drug supply rings. 

Federal officials say the alleged drug distribution operations were centered in the most ordinary Southern California spots: an auto repair shop and a taco stand. 

The raid took place at an auto repair shop in the 11600 block of Vanowen Street, Virginia Kice of Immigration and Customs Enforcement said, according to CBS L.A.

Federal agents arrested 17 people and are looking for nearly two dozen others allegedly involved in trafficking cocaine, heroin and meth from Mexico.

In the 10-month investigation, authorities wire tapped suspects. Authorities say they caught an auto repair shop operator on tape talking about outfitting cars with hidden compartments to haul drugs from Mexico to L.A.

Federal agents also say the House of Tacos in Van Nuys was stuffing more than burritos. Officials say the operator used the taco shop as a place to store illegal drugs. Authorities also say a man who operates a masonry business in Chula Vista was caught on tape talking about smuggling heroin inside tubes of household silicone.

Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the IRS and other enforcement officers have been involved in investigation. 

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