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Poll: Should the DMV require driving tests for older drivers to renew their licenses?

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Wednesday 100-year-old Preston Carter was behind the wheel of his car when it jumped the curb and backed into a group of parents and children outside a South Los Angeles elementary school. Nine children and two adults were injured.

Also Wednesday a 74-year-old man was driving a car traveling northbound in the southbound lanes of Highland Ave. and collided with a minivan who was attempting to turn. The collision killed the driver of the minivan and her two children. The elderly man is in critical condition in the hospital.

Here in California, the DMV requires drivers over age 70 to renew their driver's license in person rather than via the Internet or by mail. Older drivers may also be required to take a supplemental driving test if they fail a vision exam, or if a police officer, a physician, or a family member raises questions about their ability to drive.

In 2011, the Golden State had more than 71,000 licensed drivers over the age of 90, reports NBCLA, according to data supplied to them by the DMV.

In the wake of these accidents, should the standards be higher? Chime in below.


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