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Crime alert for 77th Street Neighbors: Home burglaries are up

This is the area where the 20 home burglaries occurred during August 19 to August 29 in the 77th Street area in South Los Angeles.

A neighborhood crime alert for those who live near 77th Street in South Los Angeles:

Los Angeles police from the 77th Division say there’s been a rash of burglaries in that neighborhood. Thieves have broken into 20 homes between Aug. 19-29. The break-ins are concentrated in an area roughly bordered by Slauson, Florence, Western Avenues and the 110 Freeway.  

Sgt. Steven Muirhead said he doesn’t know if it’s one thief or a burglary ring, but he said over the holiday weekend, South L.A. neighbors should watch out for each other.

"If your neighbors all of sudden have a moving truck in front of their house and they didn't mention anything about moving to you, that's a good time to walk over and talk your neighbors," he advised.

The moving truck scam is a popular way for thieves to pack up stolen property under a disguise.

Muirhead said home burglaries often happen during the day, and usually on Tuesdays and Wednesdays when most people are out at work, at school or out running errands.

"A lot of times you'll see people walking through a neighborhood first, knocking on doors, because they want to go into the house that's empty," Muirhead said.

Some tips to deter the thieves:keep a tidy lawn, watch out for suspicious neighborhood roamers who head to backyards and of course, lock your windows and doors.

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