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Man wins $52 million in CA lottery, doesn't realize it for a month


The surveillance photo in which Agnite recognized himself. California lottery officials put out an All Points Bulletin for a $52 million Lotto winner.

In a victory for the once-a-week lotto lemming in all of us, Bladimir Agnite came forward Friday to claim a $52 million Mega Millions jackpot — about a month after winning it. 

Agnite only realized he'd won after catching a survelliance photo of himself purchasing the ticket on the evening news. California Lottery officials had released the photos after no one came forward for the payout; it was the first time they'd ever outed a winner before the ticket was claimed, according to ABC.

State lottery officials said they released the survellience footage and pics because they wanted Agnite to claim his winnings.

Agnite bought his ticket at a Fremont liquor store — the same store where he's bought one Kwik Pick a week.

"It changed my life, but it's not for us, [it's] for my kids," Agnite told KTVU. The lotto-winner and father of three had been unemployed for a year since being laid off from a printing store. 

According to the CA Lottery website, unclaimed prizes are awarded to California's public school system. As of FY 2011-12, almost $750 million in unclaimed funds have been passed along.

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