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Campbell's celebrates 50 years of soupy pop art with special Warhol themed soup cans

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46427 full

For the first time, you can own a piece of art history — or the kind of copy that gave its originator more than 15 minutes of fame.

Starting Sunday, Target stores all over the nation will begin selling Andy Warhol-themed Campbell's Soup cans.

The promotion's roots trace back to Los Angeles.

On a hot day in West Hollywood 50 summers ago, the Ferus Gallery on La Cienega Boulevard opened its doors for a one-man exhibit by an up-and-coming artist, Andy Warhol. It was the first-ever solo show for the weird Catholic kid from Pittsburgh.

For Ferus, Warhol had screen-printed realistic images of Campbell's 32 soup varieties onto canvases. The flavors included celery, tomato, beef noodle and pepper pot.

The rest is art history. 

Five decades later, Target and Campbell's plan to mark Warhol's artistic innovation by selling special limited-edition soup cans. Each one will set you back 75 cents. Instead of the trademark red-and-white labels, you'll find tomato soup for sale in brilliant reds, bold blues, neon greens, and nearly headache-inducing yellows. 

The new versions look more like the cans Warhol printed later in his career, around 1965. But you can't really call a plain old red-and-white can "limited edition," can you? 

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