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Former LAPD commanding officer sues Beck after being demoted on use-of-force charges

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Cpt. Joseph Hiltner of LAPD's Foothill Division was demoted last week when officers under his command threw a woman to the pavement after pulling her over for talking on a cellphone while driving. Now, NBC is reporting that Hiltner has filed a harassment claim against Chief Charlie Beck.

The claim filed Tuesday accuses Beck of "demot[ing Hiltner] two substantial levels and transfer[ing him] against [his] will without cause."

After the initial incident, Hiltner disciplined his officers by assigning one to desk duty and sending the other home, according to NBC. Beck later slammed the captain, describing Hiltner's response as "severely deficient."

Beck later told KPCC’s Patt Morrison that video of the traffic stop gone wrong is now being shown at roll call at every police station and that commanding officers have been ordered to discuss use of force with their officers. 

The LAPD website formerly listed Captain III Joseph Hiltner as the highest ranking officer of the Foothill Division.

Video of the original traffic stop is below: 

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