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Steve Wynn, Joe Francis, Quincy Jones, and the alleged threat of being buried in the desert

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The one about Steve Wynn, Joe Francis, Quincy Jones, the mob, a gambling debt, a shovel, and the threat of being buried in the desert, was heard in court on Tuesday.

Jurors in the defamation case listened to wildly varying accounts of whether casino mogul Wynn threatened to hit 'Girls Gone Wild' Francis over the head with a shovel and have him buried in the desert, with the soft-porn producer insisting he heard about the threats from his neighbor, Quincy Jones.

Francis testified that Jones told him Wynn made the threats in conversations and emails, but Wynn denies it. He also claims Jones told him that Wynn was a gangster and a murderer who was the de-facto head of the Genovese mob family. In deposition testimony read in court, Francis claimed Jones said about Wynn, "He's gangster. He's old Vegas. He doesn't play."

Wynn, who called Francis "the most desperate, the most reprehensible" character he has met in more than four decades of work in Vegas, said he had to sue to protect his honor and business, and that the allegations hurt future projects as well as his reputation with thousands of employees. He also said he's never sent an email in his life.

70-year-old Wynn said, "I'm sitting here because Joe Francis decided he wanted to destroy my company because he didn't want to pay his marker," referring to a gambling debt Francis racked up at one of Wynn Resorts Ltd.'s casinos.

It is unclear if Quincy Jones will testify during the trial. 

The NY Daily News reported last week that Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Joanne O’Donnell excused the music legend from the slander trial on medical grounds, saying the written order was granted "in light of the declarations of Mr. Jones and his physician."


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