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E. Hollywood burglary suspect reaches in windows, enters while victims sleep


East Hollywood is on alert -- LAPD Rampart Division issued an advisory Wednesday about a rampant rise in residential and vehicle burglaries. Officials believe some of the the crimes may be related.

Per the LAPD advisory

  • 18 property crimes were reported in the area from Aug. 26 to Sept. 1, 2012. 
  • 2 of the crimes were stolen cars.
  • 6 of the crimes were burglaries from motor vehicles.
  • 10 of the crimes were residential burglaries.
  • 5 of the residential burglaries occured at night while residents were at home.
  • 2 of the residential burglaries included the suspect removing a window screen -- or finding an already open window -- and taking valuables within arm’s reach.
  • 3 of the residential burglaries included the suspect fully entering the residences and removing items while victims were sleeping. 
  • 8 of the 10 residential burglaries were initiated through an unsecured or open window.

The residential nighttime incidents are thought to be related because of the burglary method. The suspect reaches through windows for valuables to grab, may fully enter the property, carefully selects items, and departs via the entry point or through a side door. Small electronics, wallets, and jewelry appear to be target items.

An additional residential burglary occured just before the week in question, and included the suspect reaching through an open window and removing jewelry and a wallet from a nearby desk.

Authorities urge residents to protect themselves by:

  • Securing residences prior to leaving.
  • Closing and locking all windows.
  • Using all locks and deadbolts on every door. 
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