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Kidnapped Bank of America manager's home searched by detectives following Hollywood-style heist

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While police hunt for the two men accused of kidnapping a Bank of America manager and forcing her to rob the branch, detectives from the Huntington Park Police Department searched the victim's home Thursday morning for clues.

Huntington Park Police Lt. Neal Mongan said police still aren't sure why the woman was targeted and whether the men knew she was a bank manager or not. Mongan said there was no indication the kidnappers were actually in the woman's apartment at any time.

The victim was apparently kidnapped as she left for work Wednesday morning from Huntington Park and taken (or forced to drive to) the East L.A. branch she manages. The kidnappers strapped a device to the woman, telling her it was a bomb they would detonate if she didn't cooperate. The woman entered the bank's vault, took money and threw it out the back door, where the kidnappers picked it up and took off.

When police arrived, they removed the device from the woman's body and members of the bomb squad blew it up. They later determined that the device was not actually a bomb.

Earlier information that the woman was kidnapped on Tuesday night and held overnight has been deemed inaccurate, Mongan said. 

No one was injured in the incident, though police said the victim was shaken up by the experience.

The men were described as wearing ski masks at the time of the incident, and at least one was armed with a handgun.

The FBI, Los Angeles Sheriff's Department and Huntington Park Police Department are all involved in the ongoing investigation.

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