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Stowaway kitty Ni Hao finds new home in Redondo Beach

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Ni Hao's journey of 6,500 miles will end, fittingly, by the sea.

The stowaway kitten from Shanghai, trapped without food or water inside a shipping container bound for the Port of Los Angeles, is being adopted Thursday.

Found near death on July 11, the now five-month-old, 4 1/2 pound feline will be the newest member of a Redondo Beach family, L.A. County Department of Animal Care and Control officials announced.

The department received more than 80 applications to adopt Ni Hao -- which means "hello" in Mandarin -- while the tiny, male, domestic shorthair was kept in quarantine by the Health Department at Carson Animal Care Center. 

DACC's Evelina Villa told KPCC last month that the lucky boy was making marked progress.

"When Ni Hao came into our care, he was dehydrated, extremely weak, and was unable to open his eyes. When he came to us, he was just under 2 lbs and now, he is gaining weight, has a GREAT appetite, and we’ve even started to feel palpable muscle mass. And, his eyes are open.  He’s making great progress! His prognosis looks great!"

Today, Ni Hao's traumatic travels are noticable in his strut -- atrophied muscles have caused a limp.

When he was found, he couldn't walk, see, or make any sounds. The shriveled kitten had shallow breathing and was "curled up in a ball with his eyes shut," animal control official Aaron Reyes told the Associated Press. "He actually appeared deceased." 

Reyes said Ni Hao has become a "curious, playful, bouncy, affectionate, patient, little furry kitty," but noted that he's "still a bit wobbly," remarking that he "may end up being a special needs kitty for life."

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