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Quincy Jones likens Joe Francis' allegation to 'Scarface'

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Joe Francis has been describing a story in court wherein an "old Vegas" mobster is out to kill him, with a shovel, and bury him in the desert, and he says he knows about it because Quincy Jones told him.

According to Francis, the "Girls Gone Wild" producer found out about the alleged plot, allegedly perpetrated by casino mogul Steve Wynn, when his next-door-neighbor, Grammy-winning record producer Quincy Jones, allegedly told him about it and showed him a stack of threat-filled emails.

Jones testified Thursday and denied the claims. 

"That sounds like a line from ‘Scarface,’" Jones said, adding that he would like to see the emails Francis claims he displayed. Wynn has vehemently denied that he ever threatened Francis, and told jurors on Tuesday that he'd never sent an email in his life.

Wynn, who called Francis "the most desperate, the most reprehensible" character he has met in more than four decades of work in Vegas, said he had to sue the soft porn producer to protect his honor and business, and that the allegations hurt future projects as well as his reputation with thousands of employees. 

Attorney Barry Langberg asked Jones multiple questions about Francis’ accusations. The music legend, appearing taken aback by the statements attributed to him, alternated between smiling and shaking his head.

"Absolutely not," Jones repeatedly said when Langberg asked whether Wynn had ever conveyed a threat toward Francis. Jones said he attempted to mediate a dispute between Francis and Wynn’s casino over $2 million in gambling losses.

"I was trying to just make peace," Jones said, adding that he wanted Francis to "do what he should have done in the first place...If you lose the money, you pay the money," he said.

When asked about his relationship with Francis, Jones said he once tried to bail him out of a Panama City, Fla., jail after he was arrested on suspicion of filming underage girls, and that the two had traveled to Mexico and the Middle East for events, but acknowledged it could be a lot of work at times.

"A lot of drama," Jones said of Francis.

It was previously unclear if Quincy Jones would take the witness stand -- he was initially a reluctant witness, citing doctor’s orders for why he was unable to testify during the case.

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