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Video: Police arrest man with scissors hiding in Miley Cyrus's bushes

Getty Images/Frederic J. Brown

Miley Cyrus on the red carpet of the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards held at Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles on Sept. 6, 2012.

A man with scissors in his pants was arrested after he was found hiding in the bushes of Miley Cyrus's house in Studio City.

The 19-year-old "Party in the U.S.A." singer was not at her home Saturday morning, but her assistant was when a loud bang was heard at the door of the residence around 4 a.m, police said.

The noise woke the assistant, who went to the door where she was told by a man outside that he was a friend of Cyrus's. He later claimed to be the entertainer's husband, LAPD Officer Ransom told KPCC. 

The assistant told the man, whose name has yet to be released by police, that Cyrus was not home and he had to leave. The suspect, who has a criminal record in Texas, then sat cross-legged at the door and said he would leave "in just a minute" and began lighting candles around the star's door, Ransom said.

Another loud bang was heard by the assistant who then placed a 9-1-1 call for help.

When officers arrived, the suspect, who at that point was hiding in the bushes, refused to cooperate until he was threatened to be tased.

Police found scissors and other items in the man's pockets. "He had a lot of things in his possession," Ransom said, including two big cans of unopened alcohol. Ransom said the suspect, however, did not smell of drugs or alcohol.

At 3:18 a.m., less than an hour before the man was seen outside her home, Cyrus tweeted to her 8 million followers how happy she was.

The alleged intruder is being held for suspicion of trespassing and could be released if he posts a $1,000 bail.

Ransom said there have been no previous arrests of trespassers at the home of the actress who first became popular on Nickelodeon, but "we have had reporters from her of people stalking her in the past," he said.

Cyrus, who is the daughter of country singer, Billie Ray Cyrus, has never been married. Indeed, she is engaged to Liam Hemsworth who is best known for his role in "The Hunger Games".

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