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Murder suspect shot by officers after lengthy chase through central Los Angeles

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A murder suspect led police on a lengthy car chase Tuesday evening. It ended when officers shot the man.

The pursuit started at about 6 pm on Sunset Blvd. near Rosemont Ave. in Echo Park. Police say the man was driving a car reported car-jacked in North Hollywood earlier in the day. Police say they also suspect the man may have been involved in an unrelated murder, said LAPD Officer Rosario Herrera.

After a chase through Echo Park, Silver Lake, East Hollywood, Rampart, and Downtown, the suspect collided with another car near 7th St. and Bixel Ave. and opened his car door. 

Herrera said the man was holding a shotgun when he exited the car. Police quickly opened fire and hit the suspect after a shootout. 

Officials with the LAPD's force investigation division were dispatched to the scene to investigate the officer-involved shooting. 

The suspect's condition was not immediately available.


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