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iPhone 5 new 'features'? Top 41 snarky Twitter guesses

45351 full
45351 full

iPhone 5, Apple's new mobile manifestation, is set to debut on Wednesday.

Some experts predict the product to sell in the tens of millions and save the U.S. economy. Others have spelled out the reasons it will fail. And then there are those people just hoping the new phone will include "Snake."

Following the hashtag #iPhone5features has revealed a well of wishes for the new edition, and tweets that trend toward to a few key categories, including: design, function, isolation, apps and Siri.

Below are some of the best. Not surprising, a top request/guess is the that the iPhone 5 will have the ability to make phone calls. Notice any other trends? Leave a message in the comments.

(Meanwhile, read the DeBord Report for full details of the iPhone 5's official announcement Wednesday.)

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