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Police will allow chalking at Pershing Square during Art Walk

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This Thursday’s ArtWalk event could turn out to be another quiet one if people can contain themselves. Los Angeles police Cmdr. Andrew Smith told KPCC Tuesday that LAPD plans to fully patrol the downtown event and even allowing people to draw slogans and images with chalk in Pershing Square as they did last time.

It was a fairly drama free night at last month’s Art Walk event despite anticipated tension between visiting Occupy Oakland activists and police. LAPD officer stood by as Occupy members drew on the walls of Pershing Square that night. Police allowed the chalking as long as people did not block sidewalks or street traffic, draw on private business or cause some kind of public safety problem.

That was a sharp contrast to July’s Art Walk, when police arrested more than a dozen people and some demonstrators threw rocks and bottles at officers.

Occupy LA has not disclosed any plans for Thursday’s Art Walk event, just a few days before the activist movement’s first anniversary on Monday.

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