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POLL: Robin Hood robbery: Would you return the money tossed out the window by bank robbers?

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In a post-bank robbery car chase that spanned the Los Angeles area, from Santa Clarita to Pasadena to downtown to South L.A., the alleged thieves threw money from the speeding vehicle. A crowd formed, mobbing the car, with bystanders collecting loose bills. One woman was even seen jumping into the suspects' SUV window to snatch money.

The problem: Keeping that money, which is evidence of a crime, is against the law. "Anybody who picked up that money, please return it to your local police station," LAPD Capt. Jorge Rodriguez of the Newton Division told José Martinez with KPCC's OnCentral. "That money is serialized; that money is evidence of a crime."

So, if you were one of the people who'd picked up the money, would you keep it? Or would you turn it in to law enforcement?

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