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LA County sheriffs want the cash back that suspected bank robbers tossed from their getaway car

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department says people have turned in about $1,600 in cash that suspects threw from an SUV during a pursuit yesterday that ended in South LA.

Lieutenant Kent Wegener said the collection could grow if more bystanders come forward.

“The largest amount of money that I know that was recovered at one time was approximately $1,000 dollars which was recovered from the street near the termination of the pursuit by a Santa Clarita deputy. Unfortunately, we’ve recovered a very minimal amount of money from civilians," he said." 

Deputies said men robbed a bank in Santa Clarita and then tossed money from the car windows while deputies chased them. One of the four suspects is still on the loose.  

Wegener said deputies retrieved some cash, but not much, from inside their getaway car.

Would you have returned the loot?

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